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Case Study: Brian and Tina

How do we protect our assets in retirement?

Brian and Tina

Status: Planning for Retirement

The Challenge

Brian and Tina weren’t worried about having enough money to retire. He had sold his business for a healthy amount and she had a pension from her years of service as a teacher. Between the pension and the business proceeds they knew they would be just fine. So what was the problem? They had worked hard for their money and they wanted to make sure it was doing the same for them. Their investments were with one of the big banks and they didn’t feel as if they were getting personalized service or proper management of their money.

The Plan

Before recommending any changes, we first took time getting to know them. We asked questions, we listened, and we made sure we understood what was most important to them.

From there we were able to tailor a plan to help them accomplish what was most important – the contribution they wanted to make to their family and to their community.

This involved optimizing their investments with a more personalized approach than they ever received with the bank. They realized they were invested in the bank’s own proprietary products that made a lot of money for the bank but left much to be desired for them.

We showed them strategies that helped them to optimize their charitable giving while also helping to reduce their taxes, which were one of their biggest problems.

On top of that, we set up a proactive communication schedule to make sure that as circumstances change, we would always be right on top of adjusting their financial plan and investments to account for that.

The Result

Brian and Tina feel fully confident that their money and their advisory team is working hard for them to make sure they can focus on doing the things they truly enjoy.

More than that though, they feel overjoyed at the impact they’re able to have on their family’s legacy. They know that their portfolio is built to support them, their family, and the causes they care most about.

There’s a contentment that comes with knowing their finances and their values are fully aligned and they finally get what “financial peace” feels like.

Brian and Tina

The Plan

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  1. Schedule a Call

    Schedule A Call

    We want to make sure everyone receives top quality financial advice. Often times we’re the ones that provide it, but other times there are other financial professionals who may be a better fit to serve you.

    Let’s spend 15-minutes getting to know you and your goals. We will either explain how we can help or we will introduce you to another professional that can.

  2. James Conole, CFP®, MBA

    Define Your Goals

    You wouldn’t take a trip without having a map to show where you’re going. Likewise, you shouldn’t invest your money without having a financial plan showing you the right things to do along the way.

    That’s why we start every new client relationship with a meeting that’s fully devoted to getting to know you better – what’s important to you? What are you investing for? Is there anything about your current financial situation that keeps you up at night?

    Once we know that we can craft your custom financial strategy.

  3. James Conole, CFP®, MBA

    Discover Your Strategy

    Once we know what’s important to you we show you the long-term trajectory of your current situation. The goal is to identify the areas where you’re doing well already so we can keep doing those things.

    Then we identify the opportunities for improvement as well as the potential hazards along the way. This helps us to custom design strategies that fit your unique situation and goals.

  4. Get more from your money

    Implement Your Plan

    A financial plan isn’t any good if you never take action on it. Once we’ve created your custom strategy, we roll up our sleeves and implement it together.

    Whether it’s selecting a Social Security benefit, implementing tax reduction strategies, or making adjustments to your investment accounts, we’re with you every step of the way.

    The goal of the prior step is to get clarity on what you need to do. The goal of this step is to turn that clarity into action.

Best Fit Scenarios


People approaching retirement with at least $500,000 in their portfolio


High income professionals with annual incomes north of $300,000/year

We help people to manage their investment portfolios to ensure they stay in alignment with their financial plan. The fee for ongoing management of client portfolios is generally between 0.50% – 1.00% per year. This fee covers both portfolio management and ongoing financial planning.

Root Financial Partners

We meet regularly to ensure we stay on top of your plan, quickly adapting to change as your life changes.