How To Live a More Purposeful Retirement Life

Post-Career Purpose Finder—a workbook and video series prepared for Root Financial clients.
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With these tools and a 60-minute brainstorm you’ll finally get clear on your post-career purpose, so you can start living a retirement life you’re excited to wake up to each and every day.

Cyn Meyer, Founder
Second Wind Movement
Hi, I’m Cyn Meyer.
After spending years working in the financial industry, I felt sick to my stomach…I watched as thousands of adults invested valuable time, money, and energy into creating a sound financial plan for their retirement,

But when the time finally came,

They had no real plan for what they wanted to do with their day-to-day life in retirement...

You know, the “what am I going to do today?” question we’ll all be asking ourselves each morning for the 20, 30, or even 40 years following our careers?

So after a brief “honeymoon” period of enjoying:

—No alarm clock to wake up to
—No traffic to sit in
—No boss or tough customers to deal with
​—And the freedom of "I can do whatever I want whenever I want"
I watched as most people inevitably slipped into procrastination and aimlessness...

Unsure of what they should do with ALL this newfound time and freedom on their hands.  

Maybe they have ideas of things they “might” want to do, but can't decide which to do first or where to start…

Or they start one thing, but then stop and pick up something else, so nothing actually ever gets accomplished,

Instead of taking clear action to:

—Learn new hobbies and skills
—Travel to new and exciting places​
—Give back to the community in unique and creative ways
—Take on new challenges​
—Meet new friends
​—Spend more time deepening relationships with family

And all the other things they always imagined doing in retirement,
Most people end up in a nasty procrastination cycle…
With all of that freedom and no daily structure, it’s easy to just say “I’ll do that tomorrow.”

But then tomorrow turns into next week, and next week turns into next year, and suddenly a decade has passed,

And they look back and realize they never got around to doing all those things they dreamed of doing once they finally had the time.

The problem is... Most retirees only invest the time, energy, and resources to plan out 1 of the “5 Rings of Retirement” (their finances),
And never make a clear plan for the other 4 Rings of Retirement,

Which means their life is off-balance and they no longer feel the sense of purpose and direction they once had during their career.

The worst part is, it’s not their fault. If you think about it...

There are tens of thousands of experts out there willing to help you make a detailed plan for your money in retirement,

But there’s nobody providing time-tested expertise on how to effectively plan for the REST of life. There are more important things in life than money, right?

Then why wouldn’t we invest the same level of time, energy, and effort into planning out those things in retirement as we do with our retirement finances?

That’s why I finally said, “enough is enough”... I left the financial world for good,

Became a certified life coach,
And dedicated my life’s work to helping older adults turn their retirement years into the most successful, most exciting, and most purposeful years of their entire lives.

It all starts with…
Get the Workbook + Video Series
In this 13-Page Workbook and 9-Part Video Series,

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the key exercises and questions that will help you reclaim your sense of purpose, excitement, and accomplishment during retirement.

Many of the questions and exercises are the exact tools that have helped the world’s most successful people reach the peak of their careers,

But they’ve been hand-tailored to bring that same level of success and accomplishment to older adults like you during this unique retirement life stage.

All you need is the Post-Career Purpose Finder, and in just 60 minutes, you’ll walk away with a brand new sense of clarity on:
  • The 5 Core Values you want to embody and pass down to the next generation
  • ​Which of the 5 Rings of Retirement you need to focus on right away
  • Your clear vision for the next 12 months of your life (and the key to seeing it become reality)
  • 1 clear goal to kickstart your new retirement life and increase your sense of purpose
This way, you don’t have to waste precious time on trial and error.
❌ Trying out other people's ideas (that don't work for you because you have unique values and interests)​

❌ Pushing yourself to join a popular volunteer gig (and feeling guilty about not enjoying it)​

❌ Working with different counselors (thinking there's got to be more than just exiting survival mode)​

❌ Going back to work to try to reclaim your old identity (and feeling disappointed because you're designed to grow into a new and exciting identity apart from work)
Even with great ideas and the desire to accomplish more, most people lose motivation and get stuck in a rut during retirement because they lack clarity and a solid plan.

After this 60-minute brainstorm, you’ll have a clear plan and framework for deciding which activities to do, opportunities to take, and communities to join,

So you don’t spend years trying thing after thing, never finding the purpose you seek.

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